Cookie Policy

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a piece of data that may be stored in the browser you use to access Challenge Hound, which enables features and functionality. It allows our website to “remember” your activity or preferences over a length of time or during a particular session. If you're signed in to Challenge Hound, cookies allow us to show you the right information and personalize your experience.

How does Challenge Hound use cookies?

We use cookies to authenticate users, personalize your experience on the Challenge Hound websites (such as dynamically generating customized challenge dashboards), to assist you in using the Challenge Hound service (such as saving challenges you'd like to join while signing in), and to allow us to statistically monitor how you are using the Challenge Hound to improve our offerings.

Please be aware that this cookie policy does not govern the use of third-party websites or services or providers of third-party services.

Third-Party Cookies

We use Third-Party Cookies to allow you to navigate our site and use its services and features. For example, we allow you to sign up and log in using accounts you create with third-party products and services, such as Facebook, Strava, UACF, and Garmin (collectively, “Third-Party Accounts”). When you sign up or log in using Third-Party Accounts, we use Third-Party Cookies which are necessary to authenticate you.

We use Third-Party Cookies to assist us in measuring and understanding how Challenge Hound is used. We receive analytics information from these third parties. The cookies are used to assess performance and analytics. We use the following cookies for performance, analytics and research purposes: Google Analytics.

Do I have to accept them?

You do not have to accept cookies to use Challenge Hound. If you reject cookies, certain features or resources of the Challenge Hound websites may not work properly or at all and you may have a degraded experience.

Although most browsers are initially set to accept cookies, you can change your browser settings to notify you when you receive a cookie or to reject cookies generally. To learn more about how to control privacy settings and cookie management, click the link for your browser below.

To learn more about cookies; how to control, disable or delete them, please visit Some third party advertising networks, like Google, allow you to opt out of or customize preferences associated with your internet browsing. For more information on how Google lets you customize these preferences, see their documentation.

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