Journey to Bethlehem

During Advent this year, the congregations of the Orange Cooperative Parish would like to go on a journey together to Bethlehem. From Hillsborough, NC to Bethlehem, Israel it is approximately 6,100 miles. We would like to travel those miles together. Whether you walk, bike, run or skip we hope you will go with us.

How will this work? As you go about your daily life, exercising as you normally do, track your miles. By Epiphany, our goal is, as a Parish, to have exercised 6,100 miles together—enough to get us to the Holy City for the birth of Christ.

Our goal is to raise $1/mile. You can raise this however you want - personally contribute or ask others to sponsor you. If you go 20 miles, we hope you will donate $20 or have someone donate on your behalf. If you go 100, even better!

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Nov 29, 2020
5:00 AM
Jan 7, 2021
4:59 AM
Team Challenge
Run, Walk, Hike, Ride, Row, Kayak, Swim, Wheelchair, or Canoe 6,100 Miles in 39 days
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