Midnight Runners World Tour

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The Midnight Runners World Tour Challenge is a collective challenge for all of the Midnight Runners crews around the world.
Accumulating all of our kilometres, we want to connect the Midnight Runners cities from east to west.
Our goal is to run a route that connects each of the 11 different Midnight Runners Cities within a month.

Sydney -> Hong Kong -> Berlin -> Barcelona ->Paris -> London ->Boston -> NYC -> Toronto -> L.A -> San Francisco

The total distance?
28,967.59 km or 17,999.63 miles.

As the crow flies....
Sydney -> Hong Kong : 7371.068 km
Hong Kong -> Berlin: 8752.454 km
Berlin -> Barcelona: 1499.830 km
Barcelona ->Paris: 830.556 km
Paris-> London: 342.757km
London ->Boston: 5264.280km
Boston -> NYC: 306.048km
NYC -> Toronto: 550.073km
Toronto -> L.A: 3493.977 km
L.A -> San Francisco: 559.497 km


Mar 1, 2021
1:00 PM
Apr 30, 2021
12:59 PM
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