Hustle Through The Holidays

If the holidays weren't tempting enough before, 2020 has given us all 492 extra reasons to just let the rest of the year slide on by.

But when it comes to sitting around with family & friends, eating more than your fair share and spending more money than you make on Christmas presents, the holidays can create more stress than anyone needs.

In an effort to help that, we decided to make a team running challenge to help us all cope with the inevitable weight-gain and laziness that happens from Halloween to New Years.

Join this free RunWage challenge and invite your friends and family into your team. As a team, you'll attempt to log 500 total miles and compete for awesome prizes (including cash) with other teams.

Join today for free and start recruiting your friends & family to join.

Trust us - your bathroom scale will thank you later.

Oct 12, 2020
4:00 AM
Jan 3, 2021
3:59 AM
Team Challenge
Run, Virtual Run, Walk, Hike, or Wheelchair 500 Miles in 83 days
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