Participant Credits

Per Participant
Challenge participants do not pay. You buy participant credits and let participants freely join your challenges.

* Credits start at $1.00 per participant. Participant credits can be purchased at any time enabling you to easily scale your challenge.


Entry Fees

3.5% + $1.50*
Processing Fee
Challenge participants pay. Make money with your challenges by charging an entry fee when participants join.

* Challenge Hound processing fees start at 3.5% and $1.50 per participant.

Try for Free

Free Credits
Sign up and create a challenge for absolutely free. The first 10 credits are free. You can freely set up 2 challenges with 5 participants, or a single 90 day challenge with up to 10 participants. This includes all of Challenge Hound's great features.

The White Glove Enterprise Package

Challenge Hound's White Glove Enterprise Package is for large enterprises looking for the full end-to-end wellness solution. Challenge Hound will fully plan the event, drive engagement, and onboard participants. We'll provide engaging weekly content in challenge feeds, dynanmic maps, status updates, customized reports, and fully support the event. With the White Glove Enterprise Package, Challenge Hound handles everything! Pricing starts at $5,000 USD. Contact us for more details.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are credits used?

Every time a participant joins one of your challenges credits are used. The amount of credits used is based on the duration of the challenge. The table details how many credits are used when a single participant joins different length challenges.

For example, a one month challenge will only use one credit per participant. A one year challenge will use four credits per participant.

If you decide to change the duration of your challenge while it is in progress and the change crosses one of the outlined thresholds, then Challenge Hound will use credits to make up any discrepancies. For example, if you have a 60 day challenge, with 10 participants, and extend it to 100 days, then 3 extra credits will be required ($0.30 X 10).

More credits are required for longer duration challenges because Challenge Hound will process more activities, send more activity emails, store more data, and maintain challenge dashboards for longer.

Challenge DurationCredits
Zero - 90 days1.0
91 - 120 days1.3
121 - 150 days1.6
151 - 180 days1.9
181 - 210 days2.2
211 - 240 days2.5
241 - 270 days2.8
271 - 300 days3.1
301 - 330 days3.4
331 - 360 days3.7
Greater than 360 days4.0
Can I charge participants instead of buying credits?

Yes! Challenge Hound allows you to set an entry fee amount, or required payment, for a challenge. Each participant will be required to pay the entry fee you set in order to join the challenge. In order to collect entry fee payments, you'll need to create a payment account. Challenge Hound's processing fees are detailed in the table and based on the duration of the challenge.

Challenge Hound processing fees include both credit card processing and Challenge Hound usage.

Once you set up a payment account, Challenge Hound will deposit all entries to your bank account, minus the Challenge Hound processing fees.

If you collect entry fees for challenges, then you do not need to purchase credits.

The minimum fee you can charge is $5.00. The maximum fee you can charge is $100.00.

Fees increase for longer duration challenges because Challenge Hound will process more activities, send more activity emails, store more data, and maintain challenge dashboards for longer.

Challenge DurationProcessing Fee
Zero - 90 days3.5% + $1.50
91 - 120 days3.5% + $1.75
121 - 150 days3.5% + $2.00
151 - 180 days3.5% + $2.25
181 - 210 days3.5% + $2.50
211 - 240 days3.5% + $2.75
241 - 270 days3.5% + $3.00
271 - 300 days3.5% + $3.25
301 - 330 days3.5% + $3.50
331 - 360 days3.5% + $3.75
Greater than 360 days3.5% + $4.00
Can I try before I buy?
Yes! You can use Challenge Hound for free right now. You can create challenges for free. The first 10 credits are free, so you can try out Challenge Hound for free. You can also always join one of our free public challenges to see what it is like to be a participant in a Challenge Hound challenge.
Do challenge participants have to pay?
If you purchase credits, then participants do not have to pay. Participants can join challenges created in Challenge Hound for free. If you sign up to accept payments using Challenge Hound and charge entry fees to join challenges, then you do not need credits, but participants are obviously charged.
Can other administrators use these credits?
Credits are applied at the organizational level. Any challenge created by a member of the organization will use the organization's credits. In other words, if there are two organization administrators, and each creates a group and a challenge, then both challenges will use the same credit pool, even though they were created by different users.
Can other administrators purchase credits?
Yes, any member of an organization can purchase credits. Credits are applied to the organization, not the user.
Do I have to use a credit to join my own challenges?
Yes, Challenge Hound is built around processing activities per challenges, per participant, so value is directly associated to each and every participant. As an administrator, you can view the status of any challenge you create without joining, so participation in challenges is optional.
Is support included?
Yes, Challenge Hound provides direct human support for both participants and challenge administrators.
Can I keep purchasing credits as I get more challenge participants?
Yes, purchase any amount of credits at any time. They are applied immediately. You can save money by purchasing larger quantities upfront though.
What happens to my challenge if I don't have enough credits?
New participants will NOT be able to join. The join page will message that the challenge is not accepting participants due to insufficient credits.
What if I don't use all the credits I purchased?
Credits do not expire and can be used for future challenges.
Is there a minimum amount of credits I need to purchase?
Yes, 10 credits is the minimum that can be purchased. You cannot buy just nine credits. You can however buy any number above ten (11, 12, etc).
Can I cap challenges at a certain number of participants?
All challenges include the option to set a join deadline date. The challenge is closed to new participants after the deadline has passed. The join deadline is adjustable, so you can always move it to limit or add new participants.
How will I know my credit balance and if I need to purchase more?
Your participant credits are always displayed after logging into Challenge Hound. Once your balance gets low, you'll also receive alert emails.
Is it safe to pay on Challenge Hound?
We take security and privacy very seriously. We use Stripe to process payments. Challenge Hound does NOT store ANY credit card information or details. Every transaction is safe and secure.
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