Use Challenge Hound for Free

Sign up and create a challenge for absolutely free. The first 50 participants are also free. You can freely set up 5 challenges with 10 participants, or a single challenge with up to 50 participants. This includes all of Challenge Hound's great features.

Participant Credits

Additional participants can be easily added by purchasing participant credits. Each credit is good for one participant in a challenge. Participants credits do not expire and can be used for any challenges.

Save When You Buy More Credits

If you know your challenge will have a great turnout, or you're planning on using Challenge Hound for many challenges (you definitely should), you can purchase participant credits upfront and save. Participant credits do not expire and can be used for any challenges you create.
$0.95   5% discount
$0.90   10% discount
$0.85   15% discount
$0.80   20% discount
$0.75   25% discount
$0.70   30% discount

Frequently Asked Questions

Wasn't Challenge Hound free? Why are you charging now?
Challenge Hound's mission is to promote healthier lifestyles by providing the best platform to create and manage group challenges and virtual races. Virtual challenges and competitions are absolutely proven to motivate and engage people to move and stay healthy.

It is still easy to try Challenge Hound for free. Small challenges can be created and managed with Challenge Hound for free. In order to meet demand and stay focused on our mission, we've implemented a value based pricing model. As your use of Challenge Hound grows, you'll pay for only what you use.

Why is it so inexpensive?
Challenge Hound's mission is to promote healthier lifestyles. We've priced Challenge Hound so that everyone can affordably create challenges that motivate and inspire overall well-being.
Do challenge participants have to pay?
Nope. Challenge Hound only charges challenge creators when the participant counts grow beyond the free tier. Participants can join challenges created in Challenge Hound for free. Many Challenge Hound customers do charge entry fees through other third party applications, which is a great way to offset any Challenge Hound fees.
Can I try before I buy?
Yes! You can use Challenge Hound for free right now. You can create challenges for free. The first 50 participants are free. You can also always join one of our free public challenges to see what it is like to be a participant in a Challenge Hound challenge.
Can other administrators use these credits?
Credits are applied at the organizational level. Any challenge created by a member of the organization will use the organization's credits. In other words, if there are two organization administrators, and each creates a group and a challenge, then both challenges will use the same credit pool, even though they were created by different users.
Can other administrators purchase credits?
Yes, any member of an organization can purchase credits. Credits are applied to the organization, not the user.
Do I have to use a credit to join my own challenges?
Yes, Challenge Hound is built around processing activities per challenges, per participant, so value is directly associated to each and every participant. As an administrator, you can view the status of any challenge you create without joining, so participation in challenges is optional.
Do you offer discounts or credits to non-profits and schools?
Yes, we do. Please contact us to work out the details. We're open to making Challenge Hound work for everyone.
Is support included?
Yes, Challenge Hound provides direct human support for both participants and challenge administrators.
Can I keep purchasing credits as I get more challenge participants?
Yes, purchase any amount of credits at any time. They are applied immediately. You can save money by purchasing larger quantities upfront though.
What happens to my challenge if I don't have enough credits?
New participants will NOT be able to join. The join page will message that the challenge is not accepting participants due to insufficient credits.
What if I don't use all the credits I purchased?
Credits do not expire and can be used for future challenges.
Is there a minimum amount of credits I need to purchase?
Yes, 10 credits is the minimum that can be purchased. You cannot buy just nine credits. You can however buy any number above ten (11, 12, etc).
Can I cap challenges at a certain number of participants?
All challenges include the option to set a join deadline date. The challenge is closed to new participants after the deadline has passed. The join deadline is adjustable, so you can always move it to limit or add new participants.
Are all features included in the free tier?
Most of Challenge Hound's features are included in the free tier, except for map-based challenges. New features will also be rolled out to paying customers first.
How will I know my credit balance and if I need to purchase more?
Your participant credits are always displayed after logging into Challenge Hound. Once your balance gets low, you'll also receive alert emails.
Is it safe to pay on Challenge Hound?
We take security and privacy very seriously. We use Stripe to process payments. Challenge Hound does NOT store ANY credit card information or details. Every transaction is safe and secure.